Synchronicity of the seminar

Holding a Kryon seminar with Lee Carroll and his team has been our dream and the goal of our efforts for many years so you can imagine that we are really happy to welcome them in our country! But our happiness and joy started to be even bigger when we realized the interesting synchronicity…

You know, years ending with number 8 are very often important for our nation – sometimes those years are hard and heartbreaking and we carry many scars from them (like the years 1938, 1948, 1968 – see below). In other cases it´s quite the opposite (one example for all – our great King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV founded Prague university – now called Charles University – as the first in Central Europe; he also founded the New City of Prague and laid the foundation stone for Karlštejn Castle – all this in 1348). So let´s say that years with 8 have a big impact on us and now we are learning how to understand and heal those painful ones.

This year we see several basic and breakthrough anniversaries – to name at least some of last 100 years:

1918 – the end of WWI and on October 28, 1918 we started our existence as Czechoslovakia, no longer being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So we celebrate 100 years of our independence just a month after the Kryon event!

1938 – our political representation was pushed to sign the Munich agreement on September 29. On September 30, we lost part of our country (Sudetenland). A year later, WWII began.

1948 – just three years after WWII, communists took over the political power in our land and it stayed so for more than 40 years.

1968 – this year started quite optimistically with so called Prague Spring when we started to believe in “communism with a ´human face´” but August 21 put an end to these hopes when armies of the Warsaw Pact invaded our country with approx. 250.000 troops and many of them stayed until the so called “Fall of the Iron Curtain”.

WE DO NOT REMIND THESE EVENTS TO CREATE DRAMA OR TO REFRESH OLD WOUNDINGS – we just want to point out some coincidences.

This year we also remind ourselves that 25 years have passed since one nation chose two paths without separating in a severe way – we stay very near to each other; maybe even nearer than ever before – in our hearts. 25 years ago we split Czechoslovakia into Czech Republic and Slovakia – 2 separate republics.

But years ending with number 8 are not the only interesting coincidence. When Kryon´s team contacted us and informed us about change in term of this event (it was originally supposed to take place in spring 2019), it seemed like a challenge because many venues were already booked for other events and celebrations. But when we realized what was the only suitable place, we gasped for breath. Why? Well because theatre Hybernia is not only in the historic part of Prague – it is literally a “living piece of history”. Originally, the building called “U Hybernů” was created by connecting the originally gothic church of St. Ambrose and its neighboring Franciscan monastery. This building “remembers” times when our beloved King Charles IV and many others walked by. But it also remembers the devastation of the monastery during Hussite wars when it left empty. Later it was renovated again by Franciscans but this time from Ireland – Hybernia is the Latin name for Ireland… When Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II shut down the monastery, he marked the beginning of its secular life. Here, the first patriotic theater was introduced (the only theater where plays were played in Czech language) – called Bouda (in 1792). Unfortunately, in 1803, it was decided for Hybernia to be rebuilt as a customhouse. Later, the building also served as an art gallery. In the years 2005-2006 was again rebuilt – this time as a musical scene –Hybernia Theater. (It´s interesting that Lee privately visited Prague in 2005…)

But back to the presence – 2018 numerologically holds the vibration of number 11 – which means Enlightenment in Tibetan numerology and this event takes place in the 9th month of the year. If you read Kryon books, you probably remember that 9 and 11 are so called “Kryon Numbers”.

So now you probably understand why we are so excited and why it is so important and deep for us that Kryon and his team chose this term… It´s almost as if Kryon touched us and said: “You didn´t think that I would skip you, did you? You know that I am with you all the time but we have chosen this time to celebrate with you…”

So anywhere you come from – know that you are very welcome. Come and be part of our celebrations. Each country can have its own specific history and celebrate or heal its events and specifics but we are still one human tribe and one family of Lightworkers – brothers and sisters.

If you are coming to Prague for the first time – know that the Old Town is full of history and esotericism. You can find something deep and interesting almost on each step. For example – they say that Charles IV wanted Prague to be the Second Jerusalem. Another Emperor – Rudolph II was a well-known patron of arts and collector of curiosities; at the same time he was a firm devotee of astrology and alchemy – so alchemists like John Dee and Edward Kelley and many others worked on his court … Long story short – Prague is the place where history and church meets mythology and legends. It´s a place of science, spirituality and also celebration.

And one important 3D note – don´t forget to use common sense. As almost anywhere else, you can meet great people and also not so kind and honest ones. Prefer travelling by metro and trams (it´s safe, easy and cheap) instead of taxi and keep yourself far from “tourist traps”. If you wish tip for a nice tour, look at the Facebook page called Honest Guide – there you can find very useful tips – what to do, where to eat, how to travel… as well as warnings – what to avoid (unfair exchange offices, overrated prices, unfair behavior etc.) We hope that you´ll enjoy every minute of your time here.